Interprofessional Critical Care Network.
Interprofessional Critical Care Network.
Javier Amador-Castaneda, BHS, RRT, FCCM, CEO

Welcome to the Interprofessional Critical Care Network.

Uniting Critical Care Professionals for Excellence in Patient Care.

About Us.

🌐 Introducing ICCN: Your Global Critical Care Community 🌐

Steered by our visionary CEO, Javier Amador-Castaneda, BHS, RRT, FCCM. ICCN stands as a testament to collaborative excellence in healthcare. From its roots as a mere Facebook group, it has blossomed into an engaging hub with thousands of members spanning continents, committed to advancing critical care.

Why Join ICCN? 🌟

  1. Comprehensive Expertise: A curated platform uniting professionals from Critical Care Physicians to Registered Dieticians, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.
  2. Global and Local Insights: Dive into worldwide collaborations or localize with region-centric care forums, ensuring tailored solutions.
  3. Continuous Learning: From Therapeutic Discussions to Critical Care Innovations, we're your library for everything critical care.
  4. Well-being & Balance: Our NAMASTE room focuses on professional resilience, mental health, and work-life harmony.
  5. Case Study Deep Dives: A dedicated space for unraveling challenging cases, learning from peers, and sparking inter-disciplinary discussions.
  6. Research & Development: Stay ahead with updates on the latest clinical trials, research methodologies, and more.
  7. Mentorship: Whether you're a seasoned expert or an eager novice, our program connects members, fostering growth and expertise sharing.
  8. Inclusivity at its Best: Our values shine through every interaction, promoting diversity, continuous learning, integrity, and global collaboration.
  9. VIP Executive Lounge: A space for the leaders, where strategies are forged and future healthcare trends are discussed.

All this and much more, encapsulated in a network that prioritizes its members, rewards contributions, and is steadfast in its mission to elevate the standards of critical care globally.

At ICCN, we're not just a community; we're a movement. Join us to redefine collaborative healthcare, and let's shape the future together!